My Meal Prep Method + Delicious Chia Pudding

People often ask me how I ‘meal prep’ for the week. Easy! #MealPrepSunday

Yesterday I bought (for meal prep purposes):

6 Chicken breasts
1 package frozen corn
1 package frozen broccoli
1 Canister of chia seeds
1 bag of flax seed
1 box of strawberries
1 box of blueberries
1 box of blackberries
1 package of lower-sodium taco seasoning
2 bell peppers

I already had:
almond milk
1 onion
garlic salt
olive oil
smoothie packets (I’ll post my smoothie method soon.)
whole wheat tortillas

First, I grilled 4 of my chicken breasts on an indoor grill. I sprinkled with garlic salt and drizzled with olive oil. I sautéed the rest of the chicken breasts with taco seasoning, bell peppers, and onion for fajitas. Next, I spread the frozen veggies out on two baking pans, drizzled in salt, and baked them at 400 for about 10 minutes, or until tenderness is achieved. I boxed and bagged all of this (except the fajita meat- I never pre-make fajitas, it causes the tortillas to be soggy) and placed it all in the fridge. Lunch meal prep was done!

Next, I spooned some chia seeds (5 tbsp in each container) into 3 different containers. I added blueberries and blackberries to the containers and then covered with almond milk. I also added a tbsp of vanilla. Chia seeds are so easy because you add liquid and stick them in the fridge. They set overnight and are delicious in the morning. I also did the same method with some rolled oats. (My husband drinks ensure shakes in the morning so I did not have to meal prep for his breakfast. However, I did make him lunches.)

This is a cheap and easy way to eat clean during the week!


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