Angel Fire Resort and Red River Ski Area


photo from destination360.com



Recently I posted about our 15 hour car ride to northern New Mexico. Well, this is where we went. Our annual ski trip to this area was fantastic, although pretty exhausting. What else do you expect from a ski vacation? So, here are the ins and outs of these two lovely ski-town destinations.

The Skiing, Boarding, and Snow. 

While they are not as big as resorts like Breckenridge or Park City, these ski areas offer a lot more trail space per person than do the large resorts. The most I’ve ever waited in line at a lift at either of these resorts (which I should tell you are about a 30 minute drive from each other, so you can ski at both on a single trip) is about 15 minutes, and that was at peak time. Angel Fire is bigger and caters more to beginning skiers and all-level boarders as they have 2 terrain parks and more wide-open runs. Red River was difficult on a board (my husband and I snowboard, the rest of our family skis) but still fun. Red River seems to be more appropriate for slightly more advanced skiers.

photo from redriverskiarea.com

photo from redriverskiarea.com

We have seen years with too much snow (we got snowed in) and we have seen years where we wondered if there was snow on the mountain. However, there has ALWAYS been good enough snow at both of these places to have a great time. Red River generally gets more natural snow but Angel Fire keeps up by making a lot of snow. I have heard that the snow gets ‘iffy’ at Spring Break but it has always been great for us during the Christmas season. Best bet? Call ahead or download a snow-report app such as All Snow to get up-to-date reports on the snow.

The Accomodations

Angel Fire: stay within the resort system and book ASAP. Angel Fire Resort has tons of options for you from everything like a typical hotel room, condo, or chalet, to a home on Monte Verde Lake. The resort is ski-in and ski-out and the condos and chalets are all within walking distance. There are homes close by also. We stayed at Monte Verde Lake this time and had to drive but we booked late. BOOK EARLY!!

Red River: You can’t go wrong in this town. It is so small and centered around the ski area that everything is within walking distance. We have stayed basically everywhere and we have never had a bad experience. However, booking early gives you the most choice and won’t leave you with an accommodation that doesn’t fit your needs.

photo from angelfireresort.com

photo from angelfireresort.com

photo from redriverskiarea.com

photo from redriverskiarea.com


The Nightlife

Without a doubt, Red River has the most night life. We are usually there over New Years and we always take in a concert at The Motherlode. There are several bars and no trip is complete without a steak at Texas Red’s. There are a lot of specialty shops that sell every kind of t-shirt you can want to beautiful, hand-crafted boots, furniture, and jewelry. Red River has a heavy German influence so be ready to sip a few beers and munch on some wings at the Lost Love Saloon (connected to Texas Red’s) while taking in a BCS Bowl Game (this town is heavily influenced by us Texans, obviously.) Don’t forget the Cinnamon Roasted Pecans from the Nutty Bavarian! {cause extreme addiction}

photo from redriverskiarea.com

photo from redriverskiarea.com


If You Aren’t of the Skiing or Snowboarding Persuasion

This was our first trip with folks who didn’t ski the whole time. We boarded for 3 days and then went cross country skiing at Enchanted Forest in Red River. There are several snowmobile rental places between Angel Fire and Red River and either of these resorts can help you make reservations.


These are all tips and observations made by someone who has traveled there frequently and consistently. I am not affiliated with either of these resorts in any way. These are my humble opinions only.

Happy shredding!




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